Tako Tako Talks
Tako Tako Talks

Season 1, Episode 1 · 7 months ago

Tako Tako Talks [Trailer]


This is the trailer of Tako Tako Talks- The Culture, Art, Literature Podcast.

Let's be smooth this time. Give everything, but that's whisky. Huh? Hi, they listeners like May. Sorry, I know idea. What's happening? Okay, okay, hi the lestance. Welcome to talk. Okay, I dilistance. Welcome to talk about that. Could talks. We are you laughing and kind greatious. Who'St I'm of course. You can go be edy. I'm a pointed a writer and I have you can go the munch. You're not drunk, it's just we're in the minimum. Could be reny grenade whatever. That true, Great Gradia, and it is fun up technology. Yeah, so it's fucked US up. Also, go robots, basically. So why talks to it's fucking hot and AC's all that. I could talks...

...because my truth jot good. So I want to talk about life in general. I see art, literature, everything around. I want to do my own conclusions about it, about the society, Whatever Shit. I'm talking and that's it. That is one gonna. Okay, then, this is what this podcast is for. Like we free. We're going to be discussing literature, review, art and culture, and we're doing to have some fascinating to talks about it. We wouldn't be at each other's next just like the day, and we're just gonna laugh about things which people who got laugh about and we're gonna have anxious breakdowns as we are having in this trailer. So hop onto this bandwagon and we're looking forward to hearing from you. Actually. Thank you. You can write us some taka, Taka, TAK. That regiementcom...

...back, but.

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