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Season 1, Episode 7 · 5 months ago

#7 So done with Normal People


Head bumps with dogs, rather normal. In the second part of normal people- Eidee reads Normal People and we catchup on how this book sits in her existence. We go over things like what are the major differnces of the two charcters who love each other. Discussing each aspect and our usual commentaries on the world of words.

Hi, dear listeners, welcome to Tako. Tako, this is eady with a pump on her forehead. Yeah, that that was actually really funny. I should not say it was funny, but it was funny. But yeah, it's like one side is white, the other side read in a nice back in her it's kind of cute. Yeah, very cute. So how are you? I am good. How are you? You tell me how was it's been a week. Yeah, it's been a week since we met. And how was your weekend? What did you do? I have no clue, honestly, because, like, I'm home alone. So I guess, like I made food, I made Taiker, I did a painting, like the base coat of it. Yeah, the painting looks really great. Thank you. That's new piece you're working on. Yeah, the very fun yes, what is that place exactly? NAZARA in Portugal. Nazally. That's such a nice yeah, and Nazara in folks means the view. Yeah, like a beautiful view. If you see a beautiful view. You said Nazarre or NAZARA. Yeah, right, yeah, and it is like a ski place and like it's actually a commission. So they wanted they wanted me to paint like Babes of Nazarre. So it's that. It's it's a challenging peace, to be honest, because you know those little people everywhere. It's like going to be a renaissance disk, but like modern. Oh Wow, I'm looking forward to seeing it full and completely. Yeah, and I bet it's going to be amazing. I'm pretty sure too. And you tell me, how is your week? How is your weekend? It was good. I had some friends over, so I got busy, but now it's Tuesday. I was like, no, we've got to get it back. We were supposed to get to it yesterday too, but it was not feeling to it, and today we got a head bump. So, yeah, I had the funny but I don't even know how to explain this, because it was pretty comical, I suppose. Yeah, like she was tying her shoes and my dog like came to her. He was happy that I was also heading out with him for a walk. Yeah, and the moment I lifted my head, his head came and we both just knocking heads together and the pump happened exactly. So, all right, this is the second part of normal people. We were supposed to have a name for it, according to a previous episode was telling me, but I've forgotten what the name was. Then we tried to listen to the episode and we could not catch it. So it is normal people, but two. Yes, so Um as we were discussing last time. So I read the whole book this week and I think I because we discussed it, I got a further insight into the characters and I had read it and I think I read it with that point of my view in my mind. So I will. I also pointed out there a few things. So, like we were discussing about the main characters and like how they are about it. Firstly, I thought a lot of love and care between each other, not respect the half of each other, but it's...

...just the situation in life, in the environment, that further complicates their history and their past or their future, that has complicated their past that complicates their future. So, for example, Um like, uh like. None of them will ever say this, but Marian is from a very rich family, as you know, and gone is from a normal middle class I thinking class for me right. So I don't think for Marianne money is a matter, but she doesn't. I don't think she thought about it in depth. But for Gondal that's very important, for example when Um they're getting their scholarship. So for Marianne it's a very different aspect, but but for Cornell it is something that he really needs in his life. So I think maybe con feeds that pressure somewhere there, and I believe there was. Now that you point to this, I guess there was also some kind of like animosity from Cornell's part on Marian getting the scholarship too, because she did not need it exactly like it was implied that she needed. It felt like superficial purposes and not really like you do need it needed, while she took chances from other people, for example, for her thing is Marianne replaces the yogurt pot in the phase now and asked Joanna if she finds it strange to be paid for her hours at work, to exchange, in other words, blocks of extremely limited time on this earth for the human invention known as money. It's time you'll never get back. Mary and, as I mean, the time is real. The money is also real well, but the time is more real. Time consists of physics. Money is just a social construct. So for Mary and I don't think it's such a big deal. Yeah, but for Cornell's so, for example, in this part, I think it makes it very clear. Wait is another part for the scholarship. For Marianne, who doesn't pay her own rent or tuition and has no real concept of how much these things cost, it's just a matter of reputation. She would like her superior intellect to be affirmed in public by the transfer of large amounts of money. That way she could affect modestly without having anyone actually believe her. The fact is, exams didn't go badly, they went fine, m m okay. So for Cornell it's it's a different PAS effect, you know, like some people would actually see that Marianne comes from privilege and this is like a privileged thought. But maybe it's also my privilege speaking, that I actually but that way. If you say that, if you think that way, from Cornell's point of view, he's still very nice nice to yeah, he is nice to her, but you know, like this is kind of a paradox because in my head both of them are right and it would be unfair for either to think they're more righteous than the other. So like, for example,..., when he's traveling suddenly he can spend an afternoon uenna looking after he gets his scholarship, so in when not looking at amazed out of painting and it's hot outside and if he wants, he can buy himself a cheap cold class of we are afterwards. It's like something he assumed was just a painted back drop of his life that has revealed itself to be real. Foreign cities are real and the famous artworks and underground railway safe stations and the remnants of the Berlin Wall. That's money, the substance that makes the world real. There's something too, so corrupt and sexy about it. But I think this will bother Marion that way. I didn't think she will see it like that. I don't understand common's perspective actually in this specific paragraph. So basically, he's able to spend money on his holiday. He can think about spending it for the first time and it's like, because now he has that scholarship, now he can spend it like this. That's why he's traveling around. But Marian, who has a house in Italy, it's a normal thing, right. Yeah, so I think there is some ways like yeah, it's interesting and it is also in my opinion, like it might be a weird opinion, but like cony, can be founds a little condescending. I feel that, you know, using like in not in a bad way, but say but, you know, in a rigid way, sort of Ye, for example, year, he says the next page her dress looks immaculate and he's conscious of how unwashed he must appear, not having shoveled since they left the hustle yesterday morning, and his clothes aren't really clean. So, but this also says that in a way, I feel what as I was going through the book. I feel that he's he loves Maryanne to a point that he's put her onto this pedestal. So because after they break up, he loves her so much that when he realizes, when they're in college, he's about to break up with her, that he has this sinking feeling in him that he needs to hit her after that he the end up breaking up. And so he had the chance to make the conversation clear that I'm only moving back for two months just because I don't have rent money. I can I stay in your house. But he doesn't say that. He and he realizes that he said too late and he puts it on her. That you know. But and how is she? How is she? She she like maybe she's not very thoughtful in that way. that. Okay, he needs rent money and he is from a working family and his mother works for my mother and you know, but maybe she also always ignored that aspect. Yeah, because she never thought from his perspective that way. She was brought up like that and she had other things in her life. So, but but still, despite all that, he decides, I think that it's that he had to hit her that time and that also made him break up with her. Yeah,...

...but he didn't realize that, because he broke up with her and then he tells after some time in the me that he's actually loved with this another girl, and he said I love you to her. It breaks he chatters her because he's the only person after, I think, her immediate family, that she not immediate family, the only person she's close to, she's ever loved, and that person. First her father rejects her, then her brother is always hitting her. She's scared of him. Also, her mother is ignorant of fault. Her mother's doesn't really care. So and now the guy who's the closest to her also leaves her and she's like, okay, so men really want to inflict pain on me. That's how they can love me, only because he emotionally hurts her. So then she ends up becoming a MASSATEUTISTA. That's what I feel. Maybe that's the psychology behind it, but it feels like maybe that is the reason why she's how she is. Yeah, yeah, because I kind of understand where she's coming from, you know, because how you're treated by your imagate family and people who are like biologically is predisposed to love you, that like perhaps your first love or like your first boyfriend, it ends up being a narrative, like that's for self. Worth is Sho's coming to play, and like trauma and all that things. Yeah, yeah, and I think that Connell really cares about her to a point that he's he feels that he's not worthy of her at some level because in the past he's hurt and he's he's the only person who's ever apologized to her. Yeah, I think like for her, example of friend Peggy leaves her when she breaks up with her boyfriend because she likes the guy exactly and secondly, when she tells him that you know what you did is she's like, I still care about you, but that girl still is such an idea that she doesn't realize that that my friend is still saying, despite I'm not taking her side, he's still saying that. Marianne still saying, you know, I really care about you. She still backs off, but that's just how you learn. Like there are people like that, selfish people like that, and I feel that, Um, this is where conversations with other people become important, because when you discuss such like if Marianne would have like, you know, spoken to somebody else, because Marian is also kind of closed off in that way. She does not speak, she does not express that way, but that's why I connell says that whatever I do with her, she'll never tell anyone exactly. So you know, that does create this narrative because she's in her brain, like she's in her mind all the time, because I do feel that they really genuinely care about each other to a point that he has put her about on a pedestal and she thinks that he's still growing, he's still changing. So whatever decision he takes, and if she thinks that they're in his best interest. She lets him go every time. Yeah, every time she lets him go. That that's like a lot of... there. But it's just a situation in life and the people that surround them. I think the environment that really complicated, and their personal nature and their nature also. So how they personally communicated to each other. I think that also messes up things. So there hasn't been a time perfect timing. Their timing is always off, I feel. Yeah, like right people, wrong time. So when he uh for Cornell, when he's about to sign the checklist, he goes to see a therapist. So He's not filling out the right like. He's not being honest with himself, also, because he's always thinking like the girl. I'm going to give the form their definitlessly. I'm going to give the form too. She's going to judge me. So he's for Marianne. It's the opposite. I don't think she would ever care, she wouldn't know. So that's another clashing thing between there and and, you know, on a personal level, and I remember this like this specific scene, and at that time I remember thinking to myself that I cannot, like for lack of a better word, stand people who care about things care about things, as in, you know, about what are people going to think? Like, I can tolerate it doing to a very slight extent, and after that I just get annoyed at the person for giving so many ships about something. So, you know, which in my opinion, is negligible, because who cares what the receptionist thinks in the end? Yeah, but for these things matter. Yeah, and yeah, and he invited to the House Party of Marian's boyfriend by him. He takes his own kind of beers or something. That's exactly. He never takes them out because he feels it's not fancy or maybe what they'll think. Exactly. So he's but maybe because he comes from a different part of society and all these people that are like all rich people. Yeah, and maybe that is that. There is there might be a bit of snowberry there can I think a lot of times there's like there is the snobbish attitude. But a lot of times we also like, for example, I usually always hang out with people who are older than me, like for a fact. And when people are older than you, they since they are earning, they end up being like, you know, richer, quote and coote. So a lot of people my age when they're hanging out with people of like a separate class, is the word that I'm going to use. They feel a little uncomfortable in speaking what they're willing to speak, and that creates the snobberry default in our head and that ends up getting refracted. You never know what the other person is thinking about what you perceive sometimes can be different roles exactly. When you don't know other person very well, of course it's going to be miscommunications. Sender and receiver. The sender sends something, receiver the way receivers. It receives exactly. It's also important, on this note, m this Parah. I probably thought I moved... This is what connor is explaining to the therapist. I probably thought if I moved here I would fit in better. He says. You know, I thought I might find more like minded people or whatever, but honestly, the people here are a lot worse than the people I knew in school. I mean everyone here just goes around comparing how much money their parents make. Like I'm being literal with that. I've seen that happen. He breathes in now, meaning that he has been talking too quickly. Not too great at length but unwilling to stop. I just feel like I left cariclear thinking I could have a different life, he says, but I hate it here now. I can never go back there again. I mean those friendships are gone. Rob Is gone. I can never see him again. I can never get that life back. So it feels like rob is having existential crisis, and I think that is one of the very big reasons why with the Marianne, he's always stepping back from her. That's one of the things I feel. That is true. That is true indeed. Now, like when you're talking about these things, I am remembering so much more about the book and it's it's yeah, I'm more in love with it now. Yeah, so now this this part here, conal has been this is what Marian thinking now? She knows that in the intervening years conal has been going slowly more adjusted to the world, a process of adjustment that has been steady, if sometimes painful, while she herself has been degenerating, moving further and further from the wholesomeness, becoming something unrecognizably debased. And they have nothing left in common at all. So she keeps because of everything that's happening around her since childhood. I think she's become very close off to herself. Also, sometimes she's never sat spired with herself. But there's nobody to tell her that you're amazing. There's nobody. There's nobody to do her literally. There's no one to tell her, except conal probably. But is there really anybody to tell her that? I don't think so. But I feel by the end of it she's low key realizes that herself, but in a crooked I wouldn't call it crooked, but I wouldn't call it a positively like. It's interesting. She does come to the realization of and in the end she does let him go because she knows that the next opportunity is important. And you should take in conal is in a dialemma whether he now he feels like he's in a happy place with her, but at the same time he needs to take that opportunity because I think that thing will always eat him from inside, of course, of not being able to he he inside. He feels that he needs to reach where she is. But although she already married, things very highly of him. whis the that thing that's satisfaction. He isn't satisfied. So to...

...the time he isn't satisfying internally, he won't be able to come back down and and she thinks like, okay, he will go if I let him go, and he might come back differently again. Yeah, and she's ready to take that chance with him because there's so much of love. There's so much of love encouragement for each other to grow. That's very impossible. I think even in couples these days, not everybody is very encouraging if one person is moving away. A lot of I think, couples to break up, also on the long distance, leaving for another opportunity exactly. But not everybody is comfortable that exactly. And I also feel that there's a certain thing which this book really highlights, that you know how both of them want to sacrifice a lot for the other person, but the other person is smarter than to let the next person sacrifice more than it's required, because I feel after a certain point when somebody keeps on sacrifice thing, like in most marriages after thirty years, the man is resentful of the wife sometimes or for sacrificing certain things. The wife is resentful of the man for sacrificing perhaps the professional dreams or whatever, for the sake of the marriage. And that makes me think that did you guys even have a conversation about this, like like, or was it just implied that this is what role you had? And then that Reson like that? Resentment does happen, and you know when she's they let she let her go, and that for me was, while sad, it was interesting because I also understand why it's important to not have your partner sacrifice too much to be with you, but because I think she knew that if he doesn't go, I think she's in the end. I think it's she started realizing that he needs to go. This is his journey. He needs to take his journey so that he can come back, also, exactly, because I think otherwise he might get more complicated, exactly going. He needs to get out of whatever he needs. He wants to achieve a lot. I think he's quite ambitious and I think he needs to further keep going. Precisely that's what I feel about corndal and in a way that's a very pro positive growth and I think I saw a lot of change in condon and he's never any time. Even if she said you can hit me. He's like no, no, I will never hit you, that's not going to happen. So there's a lot of love, but I think they have a chance. But we'll never know because, yeah, but yes, and like there's so much, so many layers do this and the like. Huh. Yes, I'm glad that you like the volcano. Yeah, I really like and I think this is one of those books that I started very, very curly, and it was nice, it was fun to read it and obviously, as like I said last time, moments this author, Sally Rooney, she's very...

...good. She knows how to show the characters in a very different light. Yeah, she's able to express their stands, their experiences there. She's able to project them very beautifully. And were you able to get used to her style of not? Yes, I was, I really was. I really was. That was a lot of fun. It was a very fun reading listeners if they really want to read a very interesting book. I think all that. We've told you the whole thing. But you know this, this, like this is completely off topic. Do you see that book a little life by Kay? I haven't. Can you just take it out for me really quick? It's it's uh, I guess I didn't tell you about this book. It's a it's a huge book of over a thousand pages. Really. It is about four friends in Brooklyn, okay, or New York, like New York, Brooklyn, man. But can you see if it has my pumpcorn? You're bum has gone kind of but I'd rather you go to the mirror and check it yourself and I'm just gonna see it on phone screen. So I just want to like tell my view the listeners, our listeners to okay, it's gone, it's gone, but I see a little. I think. I don't know. Is it just me? It'll go then, yeah, it'll go. It'll just keep on icing it, keep on icing it. So it's like seven twenty pages and look how small the font sizes, and it's like it's an uncomfortable read. It's a very uncomfortable read. And so it's it's called a little life by Hannah and it's it was shortlisted for man booker's price into the like. It's it's a very good book and the much I did read in it, because I haven't been able to complete it. Have you made a bookmark for this one? I must have it. It's not in the book. Yes, says it very nice. UH, quick game qui game, yes, it does. It does. Now that, although it is supposed to be Um. So, this book is supposed to be about life, you know. So it has the four elements and the alchemical symbolises, and I have no clue what this is supposed to mean, but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to mean something. And on the side I have written in French J two Cerutif that is to say, I have all that I desire. Nice. I like this mental state of mind when I made this very nice, but I love this one also. You have to make me on. I will do that with this. Also is school. I had had totally forgotten about it, and it's interesting how I signed on top instead of the bottom. I mean, I don't understand the person who made this book mark. Honestly, I don't remember him. Like me, but I don't remember him. Interesting, mm HMM. Yeah,...

I guess that's the wrap for this with the slide. Yes, finally, we are done with the normal people by Sally Rooney. Yeah, and thank you so much, and thank you for your wonderful company in this book. Let's just go something else next time. Yep, and do read this book. So I work at like I just want to give this as a Dere to people, because I don't think I can never read it. I'm very honest. It's very uncomfortable to read and if I do, it's going to take me like six months to get around interest. So yeah, alright then, C L A, alligators Ta.

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